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At-Home Pet Care

Common Questions about Housecalls

1. Why a house call service?

Some pets, especially cats, don't travel well. They become nervous or carsick. Housecalls spare these pets the upset of a car ride.  In addition, some pets dislike going to veterinary hospitals.  Bringing the doctor to the house is less stressful for both the pet and the owner.

People with several pets may need to make multiple trips to the hospital for routine care.  A single housecall can be a convenient solution.

Some people also have difficulty driving or transporting their pets.  A housecall solves this problem as well.

2. What can I expect on a typical housecall visit?

Dr. Chodrow will perform a physical examination on your pet.  She will give vaccines as needed and can run tests for heartworm, Lyme disease and intestinal parasites.  You will see the tests being done, and then she will discuss the results with you.  Pets with minor illnesses such as skin problems, ear infections or arthritis can also be successfully treated on a home visit.  Any needed medications can be dispensed by Dr. Chodrow or a prescription can be written.


3. My dog (or cat) has a behavior problem.  Can Dr. Chodrow help?

Dr. Chodrow has a special interest in animal behavior therapy, and a house call visit is ideal for a behavior consultation.  Common treatable behavior problems include aggression in dogs, separation anxiety, and failure of cats to use their litterbox. 

4. What if my pet needs surgery or hospitalization?

At-Home Pet Care is affiliated with Cedarcrest Animal Clinic, a full-service small animal hospital in Fishersville. Pets needing X-rays, surgery, anesthesia or intensive care are referred there, or to your regular veterinarian.

5. What about emergencies?

An animal sick enough to be seen on an emergency basis is usually going to require hospital care. Daytime emergencies may be seen at Cedarcrest Animal Clinic. After-hours emergencies may be seen at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Verona.


Telephone numbers:

  • At-Home Pet Care: (540) 886-9371

  • Cedarcrest Animal Clinic:  (540) 943-7577

  • Veterinary Emergency Clinic: (540) 248-1051


6. Can I arrange an at-home euthanasia?

Dr. Chodrow can perform euthanasias of cats and dogs at home.  Many owners prefer to let their pet pass in the comfort of familiar surroundings.  Dr. Chodrow can discuss cremation and burial options, and assist owners with arrangements for their pet.